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Paris, Je t’aime

No phrase sums up our trip more than this one.  Seriously, the hubs and I felt as though we left our hearts in Paris.  We had the most amazing vacation, one that was full of delicious food, romantic walks, and beautiful sights.  It’s been about a month and half since we’ve been back and we’re already hatching a plan to go again (Paris in the winter anyone?)!

There’s so much I want to tell you guys so I’ve decided to do 4 separate posts: Loire Valley, Paris sights, Paris FOOD!, and general tips and advice.  Also, the one sad part of our trip, besides the day we left of course, is that I only have 1/3 of the pictures I took.  Unfortunately our memory card became corrupted towards the end of our trip so most of my posts will have a combination of my own photos and images I find on the web.

a bientot!

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